Prosecuting “We the People.”

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If you want to watch people lose their collective minds and become completely unhinged, simply mention former President Donald Trump’s name.  Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is for all intents and purposes, a very real and very diagnosable disorder.  TDS is an actual clinical term given by professionals in the mental health field to individuals who become manic at the mere mentioning of the 45th president. 
If you doubt the veracity of this claim, simply go on your favorite social media site, or turn on progressive run media outlets, line CNN, MSNBC, or NPR, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.   
In January of 2023, the former president issued a series of bold initiatives while stumping in the state of Michigan.  The header, “Agenda 47” lists items the former president will immediately implement if winning the 2024 presidential election.  A virtuoso of kitchen table and America first issues, all of which have the unwavering support of most of the American people. 
His policy initiatives are a wide variety of restorative measures meant to lift the American people from the depths to which the progressive democrats have sunk them these last three years. 
Leaving nothing to chance, he touches on everything from America’s southern border to restoring American manufacturing.  His proposals include tax breaks for families with children, and the restoration of civility in America’s inner cities.  He proposes incentives for the forgotten segment of the American population; the American worker, and the ever-shrinking middle class. 
He offers a different direction from the perilous trajectory America is currently on.  He recommends unleashing America’s energy sector onto the world and making the United States energy independent once again. 
And for these noble endeavors, they want to prosecute him, have twice impeached him, raided his home and places of business; accused him of colluding with the Russian govt, charged him with financial crimes in numerous states, and are even attempting to remove his name from several state election ballots.
We are bearing witness the weaponization of America’s justice department by political demagogues and the entrenched elites against American citizens; and the targeting and prosecuting of political opponents and their supporters.   
Recent memos uncovered through FOIA requests, show the justice department’s targeting of not only the former president, but also the targeting of Catholic and Christian churches and its affiliated organizations.  This included anti-abortion protesters, pro-family organizations, parents’ rights for children in education organizations, and American citizens that legally protested school board meetings. 
FBI director Christopher Wray called these citizens the biggest threat to America’s security, as over 30,000 illegal immigrants pour into America’s southern border monthly, and America’s college campuses remain under siege by antisemitic Muslim extremists and ANTIFA.
Progressives in America’s government have conducted themselves in a manner normally reserved for banana republics and fledging dictatorships.  The message has become abundantly clear, we can come for anyone at any time, including the former President of the United States.
America stands at a perilous crossroad if this perversion of justice is allowed to endure.  We the people must understand, they are not simply prosecuting the former president, they are persecuting an entire citizenry, with the full weight of weaponized government agencies behind them. They will undoubtably come for you at some point, especially if you dare offend the fragile sensibilities of America’s progressive elites. 
The Marxist progressives are justifiably afraid of the future. 2024 will mark as a reckoning for the elites in this country, and around the world, as 45 looks to throw the punches once again on behalf of the American working man and woman. 
His legacy will be the beating back of autocratic rule in 21st century America; and will be memorialized in historical lesson plans in perpetuity, much like the Boston Tea Party, this way future generations of American citizens will understand the war that took place on their behalf.       
Thanks, and God bless you.
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