Minneapolis considers eliminating ShotSpotter gunfire detection system because... it's "racist"??

a close up of a police car with its lights on by Max Fleischmann is licensed under unsplash.com

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Minneapolis, which was ground zero in the nonsense that followed the death of George Floyd in 2020, responded to that by remarkably attempting to dismantle its police department.

Because nothing answers a spike in crime like taking away those sworn to enforce the law. The latest insanity to come to one-half of the Twin Cities is the possible elimination of ShotSpotter technology in the city. You can certainly guess why. 

ShotSpotter is a technology deployed in numerous cities across the country. According to the company, 80% of gunfire incidents are never reported to police. ShotSpotter is an automated acoustic gunshot detection system that immediately notifies law enforcement upon activation and can direct resources to the location of the gunshots.

The system is installed around a city and uses microphones, a machine-learning algorithm, and human evaluators to detect gunshots. Once it is activated, it triangulates the sounds’ locations and alerts law enforcement officials to the activation's whereabouts.

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