Gov. Little, Secretary McGrane make Idaho first state to take executive action ensuring ONLY CITIZENS WILL VOTE

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The executive order directs the following actions:

  1. The Secretary of State shall immediately take all necessary steps to ensure that processes are in place to validate voter registration and prevent non-citizens from registering to vote.
  2. The Secretary of State shall routinely review Idaho’s voter rolls, in coordination with Idaho State Police and the Idaho Transportation Department, to identify any potential non-citizens.
  3. The Secretary of State shall coordinate with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and take any steps necessary to verify citizenship status to ensure no non-citizens are participating in Idaho elections.
  4. In the annual report to the Governor and Legislature regarding voter registration maintenance, pursuant to Idaho Code 34-418(2), the Secretary of State and county clerks shall report on their efforts to prevent and remove non-citizens from Idaho’s voter rolls.
  5. State agencies shall not provide voter registration materials to non-citizens or coordinate with any federal programs or agencies to provide voter registration material to non-citizens in the State of Idaho.
  6. State agencies entering into or renewing contracts with federal agencies or partners must confirm there is no requirement to provide voter registration materials to non-citizens or otherwise requiring voter registration activities for non-citizens.
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