Police reform 180 — RT The 360 View

The George Floyd riots brought about police reform initiatives and ‘defund the police’ movements. However, since the implementation of these rules, which allow criminals to break the law, crime has skyrocketed across the nation. Americans are fed up, and the protests breaking out across college campuses were the final straw. Students and professional protesters who joined their ranks destroyed university campuses, terrorizing students who actually attended classes, and even interrupted graduation ceremonies or caused them to be canceled. UNC has completely done away with their DEI programs and is transferring their $2.3 million in funding to campus police and public safety initiatives. Motivated by recent pro-Palestinian campus protests, the board reasoned that more funds were needed for law enforcement on campus. States and companies are also reversing laws allowing shoplifters to get away scot free. On this episode of 360 View, Scottie Nell Hughes discusses with her panel (Dominick Izzo, Former Chicago area police officer; Ronald Hampton, Author & retired DC Metropolitan police officer; Steve Abramowicz, CEO, Heartland Journal) about the absolute 180 on police and crime.
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