Heartland Journal Podcast EP211 P Rae Easley Interview & More 5 24 24

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  • Source: Rumble
  • 05/28/2024

Joining us from Chicago IL is P Rae Easley conservative black activist and talk show host. P Rae tells it like it is including why she left the Democrat party and moved to the Republican side. After personally working within the Obama Administration she came to hate what she saw which drove her leave the US to work in Africa for a season where she witnessed the direct effects of bad American Policies on that continent. When she returned to her home town Chicago she became active in numerous conservative groups and even hosted her own day time radio show before she was pushed off by radical leftists. She currently works with www.Chicagored.org and can be heard on her weekend show Black Excellence Hour found on Facebook live. You can find her on Titter under @PRaeBEH

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