Storm chaser rescues TX family after tornado rips through home with them inside

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  • Source: KVII
  • 05/10/2024

A Texas family is counting their many blessings after a tornado ripped through their home last week. Kasey Lambert says her worst fear as a mother came true on May 2 as she and her husband Wes Lambert held onto their kids as tightly as they could while a tornado obliterated their home.

Wes and I tried to cover them as much as I could,” Kasey Lambert said. “I remember hearing glass bricks coming down. They were coming down on top of us. We just continued to brace and hold them as tightly as possible. Wes reached up to cover my head. At that point the suction became so strong it sucked Lane out of Wes’ arms.

“But it only picked me up about 25 feet,” Lane Lambert said.

It was at this point Kasey Lambert says her worst fear came to life.

“I had to just pray to God please just cover him,” Kasey Lambert said. “Be there for him and protect him, and he did because he did take some impact.”

“On the head,” Lane Lambert said. “One brick hit me in the back.”

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