Electoral Gimmickry  

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What would you say if I told you that someone could get the most votes on election day in a non-presidential race, and still not win an election in America?  This may sound crazy, and certainly sounds un-American, but I assure you it’s not only possible, but has already happened in some cities and states here in the U.S.  

Ranked choice voting (RCV) or instant run-off as it’s now commonly known, is simply another scheme to disenfranchise voters and allow candidates with marginal support to win elections.  This is probably the most succinct definition you will ever hear; and is the brainchild of progressive think tanks to seize and centralize power.   

In some states, candidates who do not receive 50.1% of the vote on election day are subject to what’s called run-off elections.  Hence the term, instant run-off regarding ranked-choice voting.      

Here’s how it works.  Ranked choice voting mandates voters rank multiple candidates for the same office, creating a system in which voters can choose not just their first choice, but also their second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.  Under this system, the lowest-performing candidates are sequentially eliminated, and their votes are redistributed to other candidates based on the voter's ranked choices, which creates an artificial majority of 50.1%.  

To call the process confusing is an understatement; and has already caused a phenomenon called undervoting in minority communities.  Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the voters in our nation’s capital, as many view this, as do I, as another attempt at voter suppression or manipulation in marginalized minority communities. 

“Voters have reported confusion about selecting more than one candidate for the same office”, said DC Democrat Party Chair Charles Wilson, arguing that “implementing ranked-choice voting would introduce an additional layer of confusion to the electorate."  Those same concerns should apply to seniors and persons with disabilities as well.

The District of Columbia Democratic Party contends that “implementing ranked-choice voting would violate the DC Human Rights Act” and has filed a 33-page affidavit in the D.C. Superior Court.  

The proposed initiative is known as the "Make All Votes Count Act," and supporters of the initiative in our nation’s capital must still gather enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot in November.  If passed, the change would then go into effect during the 2026 election cycle.  

Currently, Washington’s state legislature is proposing a similar measure to make it a statewide law, despite rolling it out years ago with horrific results in Pierce County WA. The measure was eventually repealed by voters in 2009 by a 3-1 margin.   

In the end, it is all about political power, not about what’s best for the American people and for preserving free and fair elections.  Progressives want to manipulate the process rules to alter election outcomes and remain in power.  These are the same folks who want to eliminate the Electoral College, lower the voting age to sixteen, and allow illegal immigrants the right to vote.  

If you need additional understanding of how ill-conceived ranked choice voting truly is, in California, Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsome have both vetoed attempts to make this law in California in the last 10 years.  These men deserve praise for understanding the potential for manipulation of the democratic electoral process.      

Ranked choice voting is simply another sleazy attempt to make sure your vote doesn’t count.    

Thanks, and God bless you.

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