A Pact for the Future?

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On May 27th, 2024, the World Health Organization (WHO) was dealt a significant blow in Geneva Switzerland during its most recent world health general assembly.  The organization intended to create a process to command authority during pandemics of cooperating sovereign nations.  Under the proposal, they would effectively seize and usurp local leadership and lawmaking decisions from member nations during health emergencies, including the United States of America.      

At its previous conference in Dubai this past February, WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus rolled out his proposal, “A Pact with the Future: Why the Pandemic Agreement Is Mission-Critical for Humanity.”  He lays out his plan which calls for member nations to surrender their local authority and give the WHO complete control during a “declared world health emergency,” or pandemic.    

During the Geneva Summit, critics were quick to point out the dangers and potential for abuse, especially with the organization's most recent attempts to pursue monkeypox and bird flu as world health emergencies. They lambasted the WHO leader for defending the CCP’s false COVID-19 origin narrative; and for endorsing mandated vaccines it knew weren’t safe, including the now well-known controversial blood clotting AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which is now facing class action lawsuits in the US and the UK.  

Joe Biden has publicly decreed he would sign the proposed treaty if it came to his desk.  The only question Americans should be asking is this; why would a sitting American President, allow a foreign entity dominion and control over the American people?  This should worry everyone, as we traverse down this treasonous path towards medical apartheid.      

America’s Constitution gives a sitting U.S. President the authority to sign treaties.  The clause vests the president, “acting with the advice and consent of the senate”, with the authority to make treaties for the United States of America.  Globalist organizations like the WHO have been waiting with bated breath for a man like Joe Biden to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania, and now, here we are.

Now, try to imagine armed men and women with little blue helmets from the United Nations on American soil conducting pandemic response operations in your community.  The De facto pandemic response militia would be sanctioned to carry out operations in the United States.  Trump was right to de-fund them during his presidency once the corrupt organization assisted the CCP in covering up the lab leak theory of the coronavirus.  

The WHO would have the authority to lockdown your community, your business, and of course your loved ones; for the latest variant.  They will have the autonomy to take American supplies and American medicines, based on its definition of global equity. They could mandate vaccines, create vaccine passports, surveil the American population without warrants, track personal medical information, and of course decide what information you can and cannot know.  

Upon signing such a treaty, 194 nations would give the WHO complete authority to declare pandemics; and would force member nations to comply with the direction of the WHO.  Never in America’s history have the American people been asked to submit to a foreign governing body, not since the American Revolution, and we know how that turned out.

Thank you, and God bless you.
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